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Winter Car Care Tips

As Missouri braces for the incoming barrage of winter weather, prepare yourself with these winter care care tips:

  • Battery and charging system — Cold weather is hard on batteries, so have yours checked to ensure efficient operation.
  • Brakes — Brakes are the vehicle’s best safety component, so make sure to have your brakes checked regularly.
  • Cooling system — Make sure you have the proper seasonal antifreeze. Your cooling system should be cleaned, flushed, and new antifreeze should be added every two years.
  • Exhaust system — Have the exhaust system checked for any carbon monoxide leaks since these can be deadly during cold winter driving when windows are closed.
  • Heating system — Driving can not only be uncomfortable in the cold, it can be downright dangerous. Make sure the heater works as it should.
  • Windshield washer and wiper system — Check and refill the windshield washer system with cold weather washer fluid. Consider installing winter-grade wiper blades, and be sure to replace your blades every six months.
  • Lights — Make sure the exterior and interior lights are working and are properly aimed so that the road and any potential dangers ahead will be properly illuminated.
  • Tires — Check your tire tread and tire pressure. You may consider all-weather tires designed to grip slick roads.
  • Oil — Be sure to change your oil at the recommended intervals, since dirty oil can cause issues during the colder months. Have the fuel, air and transmission filters checked when you have your oil changed.

Want to learn more? Check out AAA’s car care checklist video.

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